Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Download Microsoft Windows 8 beta version

Here is the stop for you as you will get this update about Microsoft Windows 8 beta version or consumer edition and you can even download it. For downloading Windows 8 beta version or consumer edition click here.

It was way back in September last year that Microsoft has said something about windows 8 and it was their developer edition but now on Wednesday 29 February 2012, it has launched its consumer edition or beta version which is actually for you all.

Let us first discuss some of its features.

If you use Windows 8, you will be able to login through the cloud with a windows live id and you will have your email, calendar, contacts and many things that you have on Skydrive on the machine or system that you login into and also they will sync automatically to all your devices.

When you lock, restart or put sleep mode in your system, a lock screen will appear where you will have notifications if you get any emails alerts, wi fi availability on the screen.
You will have a new start screen where you can scroll side by side like a phone for viewing different applications on your system. The start screen will also have a zoom out option so that you can pick any application of your choice directly.

While working on one application on your system, you have the option of accessing any other application side by side like playing some game and accessing the volume control of a song you have played on the system side by side.
You will also see a altogether new version to access internet explorer with the onscreen keyboard.

There are in fact many new promising features of Microsoft windows 8 beta version but there is a lot to come yet which is in the pipeline as the user version is still to come. So there are a lot of more apps and new things to come on this version.

I am sure you will be dying to get this as soon as possible. Don’t have to wait. Just click here to download the consumer version of Microsoft Windows 8 and enjoy the latest tech. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note – Review

Samsung Galaxy note is an android smartphone and a tablet computer. If you are looking it as a mobile phone, then you might be surprised by its huge size.
The screen of smasung galaxy note has a resolution of 1280/800 pixels which is almost the same as that of some of the recent computer tablets.

This phone has 16GB of internal storage and supports upto 32GB storage. It also supports Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and also has a USB port to connect with the PC.
Like Galaxy S2, Galaxy note has a camera of 8MP with 1080p video shooting capability. It also has a front facing 2MP camera.
It runs on android 2.3.5 gingerbread and has access to all the HD apps but some of the apps will not look nice on this high resolution screen.

The Samsung note comes with stylus, S-Pen which has some apps to work with. With these apps and stylus S-Pen, you can draw and write notes, you can also add some hand written lines with some dates or tasks.

The design of this gadget is somewhat bigger for a mobile phone. But it depends on person to person whether one likes to have a big sized phone or not. But yes, you will find it difficult to do tasks on this with a single hand.
However if you look beyond the size of the phone, the design is very attractive and stylish. The touch response and accuracy is also brilliant.
It also has very powerful battery also which lasts around 2 days of regular usage on 3G and a day of heavy usage also.

The camera here is also one of the best cameras on phone in the market. The clarity is brilliant in all kinds of photos but the flash is comparatively weak.
The external speaker is also a disappointment in this model.

All in all if you have no issues with the size of the Samsung Galaxy Note, you have the right choice with you but if you think that spending some extra $100 is not worth, then galaxy s2 is the better choice for you.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Android Computer Tablets

Are you looking for a computer tablet and you are not a ipad lover?
I will show you the options to choose and the options will be awesome in the current market. I think if you are not attracted by ipad, then it’s the android market or android tablets that are the best for you currently.

Android tablets are giving ipads a tough time and still there is ice cream sandwich android 4.0 to come in most of the android tablets.
I have a list which will definitely fascinate you with the choices you can make.

The best Android computer tablet today is Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

 It’s the thinnest and the first tablet with Nvidia Quad Core Tegra 3 CPU which actually is the best of the processors we have in the market with great efficiency. You will not have any issues with playing videos and high resolution clips.

The next one is Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9.

It is the same as its previous version 10.1 but is yet thinner and lighter than its predecessor. So you will have more comfort using this and carrying this small thing yet a big thing with all the qualities of Samsung galaxy 10.1. 

The next one is obviously Samsung Galaxy 10.1.

It is the best tablet if you want to replace or compete with the ipad2. It is thinner and lighter that Apple’s ipad2 but if you want to choose between the two, its totally upon you.

The other best one is Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

It is just one step below the Asus transformer prime but is still comparable with Samsung galaxy tab 10.1. This tablet has done some magic in terms of operating systems used in ipads. This tablet has given some heavy competition to iOS.
Also after the launch of Asus transformer prime, Asus transformer is on discount on some places. So it is still the best bargain.

There are many more like Sony tab S, Motorola Xoom and many more to come in 2012 in the coming months. So if you are in a hurry to have a tablet computer, just choose one from the above five or just go for the Apple’s ipad.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Canon Rebel T3i – The best entry level DSLR in 2012

Canon Rebel T3i is the best among all the entry level DSLR cameras still in 2012. This gadget just delivers the best among all its rivals. The exclusive features of this camera such as its automatic intelligent modes will give you the photographs which is really the same as you see it with your eyes.

The Canon T3i has a live view button on the back side of the camera. In live view mode, you can get the pictures exactly with the same colors and light levels of the actual scene or a person.
This camera is best for shooting the sceneries and landscapes because of this live view feature. If you are shooting in live view mode always, you could use more of the battery power. This is just a negative thing about this camera if you can think so.

Canon Rebel T3i has 18 megapixel CMOS sensor with Digic 4 image processor. CMOS sensor is generally used in a professional digital camera which extends the quality of photographs to a maximum level.

There are some more modes in this camera which makes it perfect for the entry level camera list. Some are scene intelligent auto, landscape, manual exposure mode. These modes will give you the perfect pictures for the perfect situations.

The design of this camera is also best suited for an entry level photographer. You will have a very basic idea of professional photography while shooting with this Canon rebel t3i.
I think within this range you will not get a more professional camera in any brand and you can get this model of canon for best prices in Amazon.

Baby Monitor – a gadget

Baby monitor is a gadget which can help you monitor your baby even when you are not physically present with the baby.

There are some types of Baby Monitor. Some will allow you to hear the sounds from your baby’s room; some are of higher frequency which can allow you hear the sounds from the other rooms of your home also. Some baby monitors are well designed to be shifted with your baby wherever it goes.
Some monitors are having the video facility which will allow you to see what your baby is doing, some have alarms also.

It is very common now as in most of the places co-sleeping is not common. Baby has its own room and even in nurseries baby monitoring is essential.
Even if co-sleeping is common, women usually go to work and the joint family system is also very rare. So it is important that you have a baby monitor which can replace a maid’s work for the baby and you will be satisfied to see or hear your baby’s voice.

There are some complaints over this baby monitor gadget that some of these have very high intensity and over sensitive features causes them to make alarm even when a small noise comes.
Many monitors does not have good signal range which results in signal loss when a big concrete wall comes in between or even in a big house.

So it is very important to choose a baby monitor keeping your house structure in mind. You should take extra care while choosing a baby monitor and setting that up in your baby’s room
Now you can get baby monitor apps in Android also which can be used in your phone, not necessarily a smartphone. It will text you or calls you when baby is crying. . 

Friday, January 20, 2012

HTC Sensation XE review

HTC Sensation was launched at the same time when the Samsung galaxy 2 was launched and was criticized for not being comparable at all with the Samsung piece. But HTC Sensation XE is comparatively better in its feel at least compared to Samsung galaxy as it is having classier feel and nice build quality but a little heavier.

Unlike all the smartphones, this sensation xe has a beats audio branding on the phone and you will get a nice set of earphones from Beats Audio and a good looking travel pouch to carry them.
The new HTC sensation XE has 1.5 GHz dual core processor and 768MB of RAM.
You can see the extra tab for quick settings when you slide down the notifications bar. So you can turn on or off the Bluetooth, mobile network, access the task manager easily. It is simpler than doing all those things in task manager of Samsung galaxy.

Samsung galaxy 2 has a better on screen keypad than HTC Sensation XE as sensation XE has multiple values assigned to every single key which makes it a bit confusing.
The camera features are still the previous ones of the htc sensation with 8MP with 1080p videos.

The previous issues of htc sensation having call drops and low network and signal problems are little bit tackled here in htc sensation XE.
Also the battery life is also now extended to 2 days as in the Samsung galaxy 2.

I think HTC has decided to take up Samsung challenge quite seriously and this HTC sensation XE is really a challenge to the Samsung smart phones. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sony A390L DSLR Camera

The recent camera attraction from Sony is Sony A390L which is a DSLR camera with 14 megapixel and very comfortable and easy to use features.
The previous model of sony A380 has very uncomfortable hand grip but this one is having a more traditional and comfortable hand grip. Most of the features of A390L is the same as compared to its previous version like 14.2 mp sensor, 2.7 inch LCD screen, anti dust system, anti shake system, eye start auto focus system and dynamic range optimizer.

This model a390l from Sony is dedicated to both professionals and family users in photography as it gives you really nice quality professional images and is very easy to use and handle and is affordable also.
The most distinguished feature in this camera unlike Nikon and canon is that it has a built in shift image sensor which prevents you to bother about the camera lens shake and stabilization.

But if you compare from its rival companies like Nikon and Canon, you will definitely overlook this model also if you are ready to pay a high price there. The feel of A390L is also a lot more plastic compared to that of canon or Nikon.
The best rivals of A390L are Canon EOS 550D and Nikon D5000. But the best part of A390L is that it is comparatively cheaper than those arch rivals and is very easy for use to a newcomer in DSLR cameras also. Most of the retailers are offering this camera with a 18-55mm lens kit.

So its up to you to decide whether you have a thorough approach over cameras and are you a professional photographer. If yes, don’t go for this one. But if you just want to have some very nice pictures when you go out with your family and friends, A390L is the best for you. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Transformer Prime ASUS

ASUS has declared to launch ASUS Transformer Prime also called ASUS tf201 or ASUS prime on January 12, 2012 in the market. Prime will now run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and it makes it the first tablet to run on it.
Also it is good news for the Prime owners having the previous version that they will get an over the air updates for the Android 4.0 on their tablets within one or two days. If they didn’t receive it, they can try connecting by Wi-fi and they will get it.

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime also features a 10.1 inch LCD Glass display with 1280 by 800 resolution. It also has NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor. It offers 1GB RAM and 32 to 64 GB of internal storage capacity.

A rear facing 8mp flash camera with 1080p video playback and a front facing camera with 1.2mp is also a highlighting feature of the ASUS prime.

The best part for ASUS transformer prime is that it has included Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich a long before Apple is planning to introduce its iPad 3. So it has an upper hand now as people with an interest over Android market will definitely try out this tablet.

Asus prime is going to cost us $499 for the 32 GB version and $599 for the 6GB version. So it is a great time for the Android lovers as the competition between ASUS and APPLE might benefit them. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to manage your Facebook Cover Photo

The new look of Facebook or the facebook timeline layout would now allow you to have a picture that is highlighted on your timeline (previously profile) in such a way that almost you will have one fourth of the screen covered by that photo or even larger.
This feature is called the facebook cover photo.

The facebook cover photo size has to be 850 by 315 pixels and if your cover photo is less than that, it will be stretched.
The best or the worst part here is that everybody who visits your timeline would be able to see your cover photo. So people who wish to have a private social networking should not paste any of their own photos here. Actually it is upon you what you choose to be your cover photo.

I suggest you to choose a cover photo in the new facebook layout to be of high resolution and at least of 850 pixels. You can browse internet and get as many photos as you want.
If you know how to use photoshop, then it is better to have some texts along with the facebook cover photo.
You can choose the photos and blend it with your favorite lines from

For detailed information about new facebook timeline read

New Facebook Timeline

Facebook, the world’s most browsed and popular social networking site has included a new facebook timeline feature thereby creating a new facebook layout.

Timeline facebook now will replace the profile and the wall in the previous version. Now it will feature a large facebook cover photo at the top of the starting page and then will showcase the history of the user activity highlights.
All the activity that a user has done in his past which he updated on facebook can be shown on the new facebook timeline like the videos, photos, status updates and the links and more will now be shown by year and months as far as you can go.

The latest news is that the facebook timeline layout is now available on the Apple iPhone also as it is already on other Android phones.

There are some tips with which you can start your new facebook timeline layout.

You can upgrade your account on where at the bottom; you will get the option of Get Timeline. One thing we need to make sure that we are getting just a weeks time from the day you upgrade your timeline to choose from what should be there on your timeline and what should not as after a weeks time everything will go live.

The feature that is highlighted in this new timeline layout is the facebook cover photo. It will be on the first page of your timeline and will be highlighted on almost half of the page. But the point is that you will already have your profile picture on the page. So it is not important that you choose the facebook cover photo as your own photo.
Note here is that this cover photo will be visible to all the viewers of your profile even if your account is in private status.

People have a new option from now in the new facebook timeline. One can now manage the viewers on ones wall by managing the people who can post on your timeline and the people who can see the posts on your timeline. It is really great as we don’t have to worry about different kinds of friends.
This can be done now by the option called How You Connect in privacy settings page.
Just keep in mind that no one tags you on their photos without your permission and showcase them publicly.

So don’t wait. Just switch on to your new facebook timeline and get your awesome facebook cover photo and enjoy the new feel.